Passerelle curie
Contact : Dr Juliette Thariat
DIU 2013-2014 (20 places)
Nice 20 - 22nd november 2013 Program Nice 1
Paris - Pité Salpétriète 22 - 24th january 2014 Program Paris
Lille 05 - 07th march 2014 Program : coming soon
Nice 18 - 20 june 2014 Program Nice 2
Participating Universities
Nice (pilot) Cancer center Antoine Lacassagne Dr Thariat, Dr. Bondiau, S. Marcié, Pr Hann, Pr Gérard
Lille Cancer center Oscar Lambret Pr Lartigau, T. Sarrazin
Paris Descartes AP-HP, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou Pr Giraud
Paris 6 Pitie Salpétrière University Hospital Pr Mazeron
Nancy 2 Cancer center Alexis Vautrin Pr Peiffert
Bordeaux 2 Cancer center Bergonié Pr Kantor

  • Mastering indications and characteristics of various innovative techniques in radiotherapy
  • be able to practice the techniques in their own institution.
Jury Members: Dr Thariat, Dr Bondiau, Pr Gérard, Pr Giraud, Pr Hann, Professor Kantor, Pr Lartigau, S. Marcié, Pr Mazeron, T. Sarrazin, Pr Peiffert "
Selection of candidates
  • on short CV
  • September
  • Enrollment limited to 25
  • Target Population : radiotherapists, physicists, dosimetrists with 5 years experience in dosimetry, radiation oncology OF with> 2 semesters in radiotherapy, French.
  • Contact head teacher: for questions and registration
  • Number of Hours ~ 100h of 1 academic year (Program)
  • Places and dates of courses:
    Session 1 Nice november 20 - 22 2013 amphithéâtre du Centre Antoine Lacassagne
    Session 2 Paris january 22 - 24 2014 amphithéâtre de la Pitié-Salpétrière
    Session 3 Lille march 05 - 07 2014 amphithéâtre du Centre Oscar Lambret
    Session 4 Nice june 18 - 20 2014 amphithéâtre du Centre Antoine Lacassagne
  • Courses downloadable (.pdf)
  • Certificate of Attendance upon request
Training practice
  • One week
  • Maximun 2 participant by training place
Imaging Nice Dr Bondiau, Dr Thariat INRIA G. Malandain
Protonthérapy Nice Dr Mammar J. Hérault
Orsay Pr Mazeron G. Boisserie
Villejuif Pr Habrand
Cyberknife Lille Pr Lartigau T. Sarrazin
Nancy Pr Peiffert A. Noel
Nice Dr Bondiau, Dr Thariat S. Marcié
Gammaknife Lille Pr Blond
Novalis Nantes Pr Mahé A. Lisbona
4D Toulouse L. Simon
Avignon V. Bodez
Nice Dr Thariat S. Marcié
Poitiers Pr Bensadoun
Dijon Pr Maingon S. Naudi
Montpellier Pr Azria P. Fenoglietto
Avignon Dr Alfonsi V. Bodez
Tomothérapy Strasbourg Pr Noël
Nantes Pr Mahé A. Lisbona
Lille Pr Lartigau T. Sarrazin
Paris Pr Giraud S. Zefkili
IGRT Avignon Dr Alfonsi V. Bodez
Créteil Pr Lagrange
Validation (academic year 2013-2014)
  • Attendance mandatory ≥80%
  • Written exam
    On June 20, 2014, in Nice
  • Report
    Maximum 40 pages (including figures and references), preferably written as an article
    Deadline for submission : July 30, 2014. Send to Dr J. Thariat.
    Writing in English as possible.
  • CME credits
Contact: Dr. Juliette Thariat
Thank you to Professor Gérard for entrusting me with the creation and organization of the diploma.
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Bulletin du cancer 7/2010
Bulletin du cancer 7/2010